Hong Kong Visa Eligibility Criteria

What are the Hong Kong QMAS visa prerequisites?

All candidates must satisfy all the following prerequisites.

  1. Age
    The Candidate must be aged 18 or above when applying for this Program. To claim the points candidate should submit proof of identity.
  1. Financial requirement
    The Candidate must be able to show that he/she can support and accommodate himself/herself and his/her dependants.
  1. Good character
    The Candidate shouldn’t have any criminal records.
  1. Language proficiency
    The Candidate should be proficient in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English.
  1. Basic educational qualification
    The Candidate must have an educational background, a degree from a recognized university, or an educational institution. In special circumstances, technical qualifications, along with professional abilities, and/or experience, and achievements supported by documentary evidence may be considered for Hong Kong Visa.

If the Candidate fails to provide satisfactory supporting documents showing that he/she meets all the above prerequisites, his/her application will not be processed further and will be refused immediately.


What are the selection criteria for Hong Kong immigration?

Step 1: Prerequisites– Every Candidate Is required to fulfil a set of perquisites before they can be awarded points under one of two sets of the points-based system.

Step 2: Points-based test– Candidates who meet all the prerequisites may choose to be assessed either under the General points test or achievement-based test.

General Points– The minimum passing mark is 80, under the general points test. The candidate needs to score at least 80 points to be qualify. Points will only be awarded based on their Age, Academic Qualification, Work Experience, Language Proficiency, family background & Talent list.

Achievement-based points– Candidate who chooses the Achievement based points are advised to assess whether they are meeting the perquisites or not before submitting the application.

Step 3: Selection exercise– Selection exercises will be done on a regular basis for quota allocation to Candidates. Candidates who meet both the perquisites and the minimum passing score (under the General Points Test) or the one point-scoring factor (under the Achievement-based Points Test) will be ranked according to scores awarded.

High-scoring applications under the General points test or achievement-based test will be short-listed for further assessment.

Results of each selection will be published on the official website of the Immigration Department.

Candidates must consider their applications under processing unless they receive a notification of approval or refusal from the Immigration Department.

Step 4: Approval-in-Principal– Candidates who are allotted a quota in the selection exercise will be issued with an Approval-in-principal letter.

Selected candidates are required to come to Hong Kong to attend an interview in person and present originals of all documents submitted during the application to the Immigration Department.

Candidates may enter Hong Kong on visitor conditions for this purpose.

The issue of an Approval-in-principal letter to a candidate does not hold guarantee approval of his/her entry to or remain in Hong Kong under the Scheme. 

Step 5: Issue of visa/entry permit– If the immigration department considers all the original documents are satisfactorily verified and all relevant application procedures are finalized, successful applicants will be issued with a visa/entry permit for staying in Hong Kong.

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