General Skilled Migration

Australia General Skilled Migration (GSM)

Is your field of expertise in high demand in Australia? Do you wish to move to Australia but are worried about wrongdoings in the Australia PR visa process? Worry no more with Izago!

With decades of experience in the Australian recruitment sector, Izago knows how critical it is to find people from other countries to meet Australia’s talent shortages. Since then, we’ve evolved to become one of Australia’s foremost specialists in general skilled migrations.

In order to cover particular skill shortages in Australia, qualified and experienced migrants from all over the world are in high demand. There are numerous paths to Australian residency, each of which is appropriate for people in slightly different circumstances. At Izago, we specialize in assisting those seeking Australian immigration to choose the best visa option for them, then putting our experience and expertise to work to make their aspirations a reality.

We help people choose the right Australia PR visa for them and get all the relevant documentation to give them the very best possible general skilled migration services. We can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in the hands of actual specialists, whether you fulfil the standards for general skilled migration or have spent a fortune on Australia PR visa application fees only to have your case refused.

Explore Our Range of General Skilled Migration Services

  • Modified Skills Assessment: Applicants who are currently registered as a nurse or midwives in Australia are eligible for this service.
  • Modified PLUS Skills Assessment: This service is for those who have received a current ‘notice of in-principle approval of registration subject to evidence of identity from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra).
  • Full Skills Assessment: Applicants who are currently registered in a nation other than Australia or New Zealand are eligible to apply for this service.
  • Migration Agents: If you’re a migration agent looking for information about talent evaluations, this is the place to go.

What Do We Do?

  1. We can submit the necessary skill assessments.

You must meet particular and sophisticated requirements as well as offer specific paperwork to different ‘Skills Assessment Authorities’. We make certain that all materials submitted meet the requirements for the skills evaluation of general skilled migration.

  1. We’ll compile the necessary documents.

We make every effort to process all applications as swiftly as possible, which is critical in cases where time is of the essence. We want to submit a decision-ready application if at all possible.

  1. We’ll go over the results of your ‘Points Test’ with you.

Calculating your points correctly is more difficult than most applicants expect. We ensure that clients compute the points correctly and provide advice on the possibility of receiving an Australian PR visa invitation.

  1. We can assist you with translating documents that are required.

Any essential documents required for Australian PR, such as degrees, qualification documents, and letters of recommendation, can be translated with our help.

  1. Potential issues are identified and corrected.

Before applications are submitted, our ‘Registered Migration Agents’ identify and correct potential problems with them. They resolve issues with past visa applications, for example, and request waivers for previously imposed requirements.

Choose the Best immigration Consultancy & Become a Permanent Australian Residency

If you’re still not sure where to start or need a customized step-by-step tour, book a conversation with one of our ‘Registered Migration Agents’. Make an appointment for a migration consultation!

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