Australia PR Points System

Australian Immigration Point System

Australia Skilled Visa Subclasses

The Australia Point System aids candidates in calculating points for the 189, 190, and 491 subclasses of Australian immigration visas. A minimum of 65 points is required for each visa application. The higher the points, the more likely the person will be invited to apply and live, work, and study permanently in Australia. The Australian PR eligible calculator aids in determining a candidate’s eligibility for a skilled migration visa by computing points across many factors. The minimum eligibility criteria for all three also being explained below.

The candidate needs to score a minimum 65 points for each visa subclasses.

  1. Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)
  2. Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)
  3. Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 491)

Australian Visa Subclasses and Maximum Points Required

Visa Subclass Points
Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) 65
Skilled – Sponsored (subclass 190) 65
Skilled – Regional Sponsored (subclass 491) 65

Point Factors

  • To obtain a visa under the general skilled migration program, one must obtain a minimum of 65 points.
  • The point system assigns you a score based on a variety of factors, including your age and employment experience. 

The points allotment and requirements for each criterion are broken down in depth below as:

Factors  Maximum Points
Age (25-33 years) 30 points
English proficiency (8 bands) 20 points
Work Experience outside Australia (8-10 years) 15 points
Work Experience in Australia (8-10 years) 20 points
Education (outside Australia) 20 points
Doctorate degree
Niche skills such as Doctorate or master’s degree in Australia 5 points
Study in a regional area 5 points
Accredited in community language 5 points
Professional year in a skilled program in Australia 5 points
State sponsorship (190 visa) 5 points

Factor 1: Age

Age Points
At least 18 to 24 years 25
At least 25 to 32 years 30
At least 33 to 39 years 25
At least 40 to 44 years 15
At least 45 to 49 years 0

Factor 2: English Language Skills

  • To claim points for Superior or Proficient English language skills, all Skill Select applicants for Australian immigration must complete the IELTS test.
  • Those who are natural English speakers or have received a tertiary degree from an institution that meets Australian university criteria are exempt from taking the IELTS.
English Points
Competent English – IELTS 6 in each
TOEFL iBT – Listening – 12, Reading – 13, Writing – 21 and Speaking – 18
PTE Academic – Listening – 50, Reading – 50, Writing – 50 and Speaking – 50
Proficient English – IELTS 7 in each
TOEFL iBT – Listening – 24, Reading – 24, Writing – 27 and Speaking – 23
PTE Academic – Listening – 65, Reading – 65, Writing – 65 and Speaking – 65
Superior English – IELTS 8 in each
TOEFL iBT – Listening – 28, Reading – 29, Writing – 30 and Speaking – 26
PTE Academic –  Listening – 79, Reading – 79, Writing – 79 and Speaking – 79

Factor 3: Work Experience (Outside Australia Oversees)

Experience (no. of Years) Points
Less than 3 Years 0
3 to 5 Years 5
5 to 8 Years 10
8 Years and more 15

Factor 4: Work Experience (within Australia)

Experience (no. of Years) Points
Less than 1 Year 0
1 to 3 Years 5
3 to 5 Years 10
5 to 8 Years 15
8 Years and more 20

Factor 5: Qualification

Qualification Points
Decorate 20
Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree 15
Australia Diploma or Trade Qualification 10
Award or Qualification Recognized by Assessing Authority 10

Factor 6: Australian Qualification:

Australian Qualification Points
Masters in Research or  Doctorate 10
Degree, Diploma or Trade (Australia Study Requirement) 5
Regional study 5

Factor 7: Language Skill

Language Skill Points
Desired Language (NAATI) 5

Factor 8: Spouse / Partner Skill and Qualification

Spouse/Partner Skills Points
Spouse meeting age, English and skill requirement 10
The spouse who has competent English 5
If you are single or If Your Partner is an Australian citizen or PR 10

Factor 9: Professional Skills

Professional Year Points
Professional Skills 5

Factor 10: Sponsorship or Nomination (Subclass 190 and Subclass 489)

Sponsorship or Nomination Points
Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Visa (Subclass 190) 5
Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Visa (Subclass 489) 10

Tips to Increase Australia PR Score

  • There are a few methods that will help you gain more points. If you pass the NAATI exam, for example, you will receive an extra 05 points.
  • As a result of recent modifications, applicants from overseas or off-shore can now take the NAATI exam. There is one more update on the NAATI exam, which you can take in Telegu as well. This is one of the most significant advantages for people considering applying for General Skilled Migration.
  • You can earn an extra 05 points if you completed your Professional Year in Australia in the last 48 months, particularly in Accounting, Computing, or Engineering.

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