Refused case analysis and Refile

Refused case analysis and Refile the application

Countries like Canada, Australia & Hongkong receive lakhs of immigration applications every year from all over the world. While some get approved and others get rejected, However, not all applications get approved. So, what happens to the rest of the applications? Well! All the other applications get refused and are rejected by the immigration authorities.

Financial Reasons:  Each immigration stream has different requirements for the funds, candidates are required to show adequate funds in their bank account. Candidates must make sure that they have enough funds in their bank to avoid the risk of rejection. Those who fail to show enough funds can see rejection.

Incorrect Documents: Most of the applications get rejected for incorrect documents. Applicants must make sure that they are presenting appropriate documents to the visa officer.

Incorrect Information: Most of the applications get rejected for false information. Incorrect or false information can be the reason for visa rejection. The immigration department has the right to reject the candidate’s application for giving false information in their application.

The intent of living: If the visa officer is not convinced with your intent of living, they might hold your profile or ask you to show some more documents with the proof. If you fail to give them a justification and information, then they can deny your visa application.

How can we help you to refile the application?
Izago Visa Experts use their best industry knowledge and help you out with the issues in your application. Before re-filling the case we carefully read the previous rejection reasons and work accordingly on your profile.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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